Do you EDSBY...if not it is time to start!

EDSBY is our primary communication tool for attendance, assessment, and school information. Our other important source is our school website.

If you are new to our school or have not yet started using EDSBY we need you to do so. The following are instructions as to how to access this important resource.

The SECPSD website has a page called Edsby for Families that has helpful resources (how-to guides, FAQs, videos, etc.) for families who are looking to sign up, login, and utilize Edsby. 

These resources are listed below:

  1. Edsby for Families Website Link
  2. SECPSD Edsby Login Page Link
  3. SECPSD Edsby Intro Letter to Families
  4. Edsby – Family FAQ
  5. Edsby – Family Viewing Student Progress
  6. Edsby Introduction Video
  7. Edsby Parent Tutorial Video: Browser
  8. Edsby Parent Tutorial Video: App

Thanks for taking the time to setup and access EDSBY as we work together to support our students as a school and family team!