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Allergy Awareness

WCS is Allergy Aware!

Many people in our school and community have allergies. We are hoping that we can all be as allergy aware as possible so that we can reduce the risks for students, community and staff members each and every day. 

We would ask that parents and students are careful with lunch items sent to school in order to minimize allergic reaction risks (being aware of peanuts, peanut butter, scented products, and the other potential allergies that may exist). If you are not sure what items might pose allergy risks you can learn more and get knowledge certifications for free at

Key resources

Thank you in advance for being allergy aware and knowledgeable in order to best ensure allergy exposure risks are minimized in our school and community.

Weyburn Comprehensive School

Halloween Food Allergies

Click the image below for more information on Halloween food allergies!

​WCS Counselor Corner

  • In the early Spring all schools in SECPSD participated in the SAYCW.  The SAYCW Thriving Youth, Thriving Communities Survey is an opportunity for schools and communities to better understand the health and well-being of their youth. We know that education and health are interdependent – healthy students are better learners.
  • The SAYCW survey allows information to be gathered at a local level, with the findings shared with the participating schools and school divisions or school authorities for their use. The survey is tailored to help schools and communities answer questions that are important to them, and questions that they feel they do not have enough information on, so that they can work together to take action that is right for them.
  • The survey was anonymous, however the school receives a summary of the results.  For WCS, the category on suicidal ideation was higher than what we expected.  Nationally, teen suicide rates have shown a steady increase over the past few years.  In response to WCS' results and the National trend, the School Division would like to provide information to help whomever may be struggling with thoughts of suicide.  There is a booklet on 7 ways to manage thoughts of suicide and Where to find help in Saskatchewan.  Your child(ren) received the above information today in class.  Please discuss with your child.  We would like to remind you of a document to support parents in your discussion; Helping children and youth who are feeling suicidal and Where to find help in Saskatchewan.   You can access these documents on our school division website  
  • Feel free to contact one of our two school counselors if you have any questions.  ​​

WCS Counselor Grades 10-12: Treena Zelyck

​WCS Counselor Grades 7-9: Victoria Utman



For more information or to seek help:

Talk About Cannabis (EN – parent resources) / Parlons du cannabis (FR – ressources parent)

How to talk to your teen about drugs (EN) / Comment aborder le sujet des drogues avec son adolescent (FR)

Talking About Cannabis (EN) / Discuter du cannabis (FR)

Cannabis Talk Kit: Know How to Talk with your Teen, 2nd ed. (EN) / Parler cannabis: Savoir discuter avec son ado, 2nd éd. (FR)

Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868) (EN) / Jeunesse, Jécoute (1​)

Mental Health

Self Harm​

​​Coping with thoughts of suicide – Information for youth

This resource shares positive strategies youth can use to manage thoughts of suicide. An emergency planning guide is included as well as "Where to find help in Saskatchewan".

Helping children & youth who are feeling suicidal

This resource shares what some of the warning signs are for suicide and how to help parents talk about suicide with their child. Positive strategies are shared to discuss the issues, as well as how to help keep your child safe at home.

Where to find help in Saskatchewan

This resource lists the help lines and local supports contact information. As well, there are a few links to websites to help manage stress and anxiety.

RESOURCES & Contact Info​

Where to find help in Saskatchewan

Kids Help Phone (free/24hrs) …………… 1-800-668-6868

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline ... 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

Crisis Centre Hotline............................ 1-800-suicide (1-800-784-2433)

Farm Stress Line.................................... 1-800-667-4442

Saskatchewan Health Line (free/24hrs) – 811

Sexual Assault Line (24hrs)................... 1-800-214-7083

Saskatchewan Health Authority Addictions Services

Weyburn: 306-842-8693

Kipling: 306-736-2363

Community Supports Program: 306-637-2757 Estevan Youth: 306-637-2465

Estevan Adult: 306 637-2422 or 306-637-2420

Mental Health Services Intake............... 1-800-216-7689

Arcola Mental Health: 306-455-2159 

Estevan Mental Health: 306-637-3610 

Kipling Mental Health: 306-736-2638 

Moosomin Mental Health: 306-435-3303

Weyburn Mental Health: 306-842-8665 

Envision Counselling & Support Centre Inc.

Carlyle Office: 306-453-2405

Estevan Office: 306-637-4004

Oxbow Office: 306-483-5555

Weyburn Office: 306-842-8821

Emergency........................................... 911

Lifeline App.........................................

MindShift: This free app is designed to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety by changing the way you think about anxiety. The MindShift App will help you learn how to relax and develop helpful ways of thinking in order to take control over your anxiety.

ToaMix: This free app allows you to create your own ambience of sounds to help you relax. With this app you can choose from a variety of sounds and combine them to produce the perfect mix.

ReachOut WorryTime: This free app helps you to set aside your current worries until later, so you can get on with your daily activities. With this app, you can set aside a specific time to deal with your worries, rather than carrying them around with you 24/7.

Headspace: This free app offers guided meditation of different lengths to help reduce anxiety and stress, and improve attention, awareness and concentration. This app uses skills such as mindfulness, breathing exercises, and relaxation. The free version of this app offers ten sessions, but there is also an option to pay to subscribe to this app for more mediation options.

Breathe2Relax: This free app teaches breathing techniques to help manage stress and anxiety. This simple app allows you to choose a deep breathing pattern that is comfortable for you, and then guides you through the breathing exercise.

Social Media Resources

MediaSmarts - Canada's Centre for Digital and Media Literacy

  • MediaSmarts has been developing digital and media literacy programs and resources for Canadian homes, schools and communities since 1996. They work to provide adults with information and tools so they can help children and teens develop the critical thinking skills they need for interacting with the media they love.​
  • Caring for Kids: Social Media​
  • Get Cyber Safe 
  • – Let's you know how you have pictures/videos you that have been posted online, taken down.
  • - Canada's national tipline to report the online sexual exploitation of children.
  • - Canadian Centre for Child Protection​
  • Saskatchewan Hockey Association: Social Media Policy