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Mental Health Capacity Building

Ask Us - the Mental Health Capacity Building Program!
If you have any questions about mental health or life, you can ask us anonymously, and we will answer them (Click ASK US to email Olha your question).
You can send an e-mail with your question using the title “Ask Us” to Olha , or you can use a "Ask Us Forms" that are in the library, main office, Student Services room, and Bridge. If you choose to write down your question on the sheet, you can leave it in the boxes at the places mentioned above or slip it under our door, located at100 Hallway. If you provide your email address, we will send you an answer personally.
We will post answers to the questions anonymously, on the bulletin board near the library and in the MHCB section of the school website. The opportunity to read the answers to your questions can help you and other students in similar life situations.

What are Jack Chapters?

Jack Chapters are groups of young people at high schools, colleges, universities, and community settings who work year-round to identify and break down barriers to positive mental health and make concrete change in their communities across Canada. 

Mentored by staff, Chapters reflect on their community needs and shape outreach plans that shift how people think about, talk about, and care for their mental health. Recognizing that every environment is unique, how each Chapter does this work will vary. What’s important is that all Chapter work is underpinned by the message that everyone has mental health, and everyone needs to care for it.


Jack Chapter WCS members started their training and planning their annual activities this November. With a lot of enthusiasm, they want to have a great impact in our school and community advocating for Mental Health and emphasized the importance of taking care of it, whether is taking care of your own mental health or others around you.


Jack Chapter WCS is always welcoming new students that would like to be a member and they will be eligible to take the training as well. Plus, after you finish this training, you will receive a certificate of completion that can be used to complement your resume in the future.


If you would like to participate in the activities but not being a member, we also accept volunteers to help with activities or events and we can provide volunteers hours for your classes.


If you either want to be a member of the Jack Chapter WCS or be a volunteer, contact Maria at [email protected]