Positive Coping Strategies to Support Youth Mental Health

Talk it Out:
  • Model positive communication and encourage your child to speak up 
  • Create a quiet and judgment free space where they can share their feelings
  • Be supportive and do not dismiss their feelings
Model Positive Coping Behaviours:
  • Modeling positive behaviours shows our children what positive coping looks like - they learn by watching us
  • Confide in your child about your own experiences with coping and they will feel less alone, and value the importance of asking for help
Engage in Positive Self-Talk:
  • Encourage your child to celebrate themselves and their achievements and to pay themselves a compliment
  • Positive self-talk improves mindset and motivation
  • Try it on yourself too!
Take a Break and do Something They Love:
  • Taking a time-out from our busy lives will relieve distress and allow us to refocus and reenergize
  • Time-outs allow us to reconnect with friends and family and be reminded that we have supports available to us
Check out the Mental Health Capacity Building Program page under "Resources", or scan the QR code for additional mental health resources